Tree Removal

Tree Care Service KC has a trained, safety conscious team ready to meet your tree removal service needs.

Reasons For Tree Removal

Trees provide so much for us and we hate to see them removed.  We understand how important and essential it is to save our trees.  Sometimes these assets become liabilities and must be removed.

Perhaps the tree is dead, or damaged beyond repair from a storm, or simply in the way of building plans and progress.

Benefits of removing a tree:

  • Safety.  No more dead or damaged limbs to fall on unsuspecting friends and family.
  • Change of landscape.  Enjoy the openness of your property.  Allowing you to plant a different type and color of tree.
  • Give way to progress.  Allowing for new structures or future ideas to be built.

Experience Counts

Whatever the reason for removal, we have years of experience in falling trees safely and efficiently.

Tree removal requires specialized training to perform this feat safely.  Experience comes into play when dropping damaged or hollowed trees trunks and branches.

Our team is skilled in “controlled drops”.  Ensuring branches fall in a predictable manner and in a predetermined safe area.

Falling a large tree safely requires knowledge, experience and specialized equipment to protect property.

Our professionals take their time to assess the terrain and condition of the surrounding landscape.  Therefore, allowing us to determine the exact equipment and tree removal technique.

We proudly remove hazardous, ugly and damaged trees in a timely manner using our latest equipment.

Stump removal often times go hand in hand with tree removal.  If removing the stump is important to you, please mention your plans to our team.

Find out more about our stump removal service.

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