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Tree Removal

Sometimes trees become problematic.  The quicker we act on getting a fix, the better the chance of fixing the issues.

Simply ignoring this problems won’t get them fixed on their own.  The larger the tree, the higher the potential to cause major damage.  That’s an expensive and dangerous risk to take.

Kansas City gets the extremes when it comes to weather.  Really hot and dry to extremely wet and cold.  Snow and ice storms are a common occurrence.  Dying or dead trees should be evaluated for removal as soon as possible.

Problems to investigate are:

  • Cracks in limbs, mostly larger ones, or in the trunk.
  • Dead limbs or hanging branches.
  • Rot to the bark and/or wood of the trunk and limbs.

These could be signs of internal damage to the tree.  Best to get a professional to evaluate the damage.


To Remove Or Not To Remove


To remove a tree based on the amount of damage is hard to determine.  Sometimes the outward signs of internal damage doesn’t always present itself noticeably.

Location of the tree can pose a risk to surrounding structures, power lines, playgrounds and more.  Removal may be the best and safest solution.

Perhaps simply renovating the property or adding a new building would require the removal of trees.  Whatever the case we recommend calling an expert to remove those tree.  Call Tree Care Service KC to get a free quote.


When Choosing A Tree Care Expert, Keep In Mind

Finding the right company takes more than just looking up numbers in a directory.  Price should not be the determining factor.  Cost may help stay within a budget but should be the only reason to chose a tree removal company.

To seek a really good tree professional, you must ask certain questions.  Making it easier to narrow down the list of tree service companies.


  • Ask for the company’s insurance papers, occupational accident coverage and workers compensation, as well as public liability.
  • Determine how the service provider is likely to reach the job site. How will they move the equipment into place?
  • Their procedure of tree removal.
  • Duration of the tree removal process.
  • The experience, qualification and credentials of the climber who will be executing the job.
  • The types, quality and authenticity of tools that will be used during the job.
  • The depth of the stump grind.
  • Extra cleanup costs.

We provide Kansas City and the entire metroplex with a great service priced fairly.

The staff at Tree Care Service KC are experts in bringing beauty and health to trees in our communities.  They also know that not all trees are welcomed and sometimes need to be removed.  Tree Care Service KC are experts in safely removing those dead and/or unwanted trees from your property.

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