Stump Grinding

Tree Care Service KC provide a superior stump grinding service.

When a tree removed, a professional tree removal company may suggest grinding out the stump.

How Does Stump Grinding Service Work?tree care service kc, small stump grinder, stump removal,

A stump grinder rips or chews away at the left over stump.  Professional grinders use a powerful, rotating blade that decimates the stump wood.  The wood is cut into small pieces.

What Happens After Grinding The Stump?

Grinding leaves lots of wood chips behind.  They can be hauled off or many times they are left in the area where the stump was.  Generally, there is a large hole left behind that will require filling in with a material.  Soil works good but usually the wood chips work best.  Wood chips will decay over time.

Why Grind?

To help determine if stump grinding is necessary, consider the following:

  • Tree stumps attract termites and other insects to nest. Migration from the stump to your house is possible.
  • After the removal of a diseased tree, the left behind stump can transfer the disease to healthy trees in the area.
  • Stumps can be a hazardous objects to safely avoid.
  • Where once was a beautiful tree, now lays the eyesore of it’s stump on your property.
  • The tree stump may be in the direct path of future plans of expansion.

Our trained professionals use the latest techniques and equipment to safely remove your stumps.

Factors that go into figuring quote for stump grinding:

  • Size of stump to ground.
  • Accessibility to the stump.
  • The size of the machine needed.

Stump grinding equipment can grind your stump down to a level to ensure no stump is remaining.  Once the service is complete, you will be left with a beautiful and safe yard ready for another BBQ gathering.

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