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Most of us have seen the unsightly and hazardous stump left behind from the once tall and beautiful tree.  If fact, you’ve most likely seen them removed.

Whatever the reason for a tree to be removed, perhaps illness, or simply needed removed to make room for other uses.  Getting rid of the tree and stump is no small job.  After taking the time to make sure it gets cut down safely, afterwards is the frustrating reminder, the stump.

We remove trees everyday and there is always that eyesore that’s left behind to clutter up the otherwise beautiful landscape.  Making these stump vanish is no easy task either.  The experts at Tree Care Service KC have made many of them go away, some are easy and some are not so easy.  Typically, there are several ways to get rid of an unsightly tree stump.  Below are some of the best methods for stump removal for you to consider.

Dig Out

If the stump isn’t too large, digging it out of the ground may be simplest method.  The hardest part to this method is the labor involved to dig out the dirt far enough to cut the roots.  This method may be the most labor intensive way but perhaps the cheapest.  A great DYI weekend with the family.

Use A Stump Grinding Service Company

In the event that a stump is too massive and/or the large roots run too deep, a stump grinder may be the best method to make this stump vanish.  These stump grinding machines are designed for grinding large stumps all the way down to the roots.  This is a much less labor intensive event making some of the hardest old stumps into grindings. This may be more than the typical DYI weekend event.  Calling and expertly trained safety team may be the best.  Call Tree Care Service KC for a quote.

Burn Out

If the stump grinder is the best method, you could chose to burn it out.  Using fire is risky business and all local fire laws need to he adhered to but it is an option.

Build up the fire and keep the fire burning directly above the stump.  Keep feeding the fire with dry stick and logs until the stump is burned.

This does require a little work but if you feel like spending some time watching a fire, this may be your best method.

Rot It Away

Rotting wood is simply a part of life and with some encouragement, you can use this method to rid your yard from stumps.

To use this method, drill holes in the stump about 8 inches deep and fill with a nitrogen rich substance of your choice.  Blood meal or compost are good source of natural  nitrogen.

To kick-start the process, you’ll need to make the stump more appealing to microbial life. Start by drilling holes into the top of the stump, approximately eight inches deep. Then fill those holes with warm water and a nitrogen-rich substance of your choice. Products like blood meal or even your own compost are great sources of nitrogen while still staying natural.


Besides the natural methods, there are man-made chemicals that can speed up the process.

This method still requires the drilling of the stump and following the same steps as above.  Handling of chemicals is risky and requires some thought to safety.

These chemicals will soften the wood but may take a few weeks, patience is the key.  It is also important to keep children and pets away from the area until the stump is gone.

Once the stump has become soft, remove and haul off, treatment is complete and stump has been removed.

Whatever method you decide to use, remember that safety is key.  Try one of these methods as a DYI project or call a professional to assist.  Tree Care Service KC has the resources that can get the job done quickly and safely.  Call us for more information.


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