Tree Care Kansas City

There are many tree care companies in the area but only a few can provide the most complete tree care Kansas City can be proud of.  

Insects and lack of nutrition can easily cause our tall friends to fall ill.  Loose Tree Care Kansas City tree limbs just barely hanging in the treetops raises safety concerns.  

Trees need to be trimmed and pruned to reach their full beauty and health potential.  Tree Care Service KC is one of those companies that you can be proud to have as your tree care service. 

Learn about Tree Care Service KC. 

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Tree Trimming Services

We have heard of many close calls as those “hangers” fall like darts to the ground.  The winter snow and ice can cause limbs to break free and hang dangerously above your playground.  Trimming your trees will fix the torn bark of the trunkline and remove those killer darts.

Trimming your trees allows for a trained, tree arborist to closely inspect your trees for whatever may ail them.  Bugs, lack of nutrition, not receiving enough sunlight are just a few things they look for.

Once your trees have been trimmed and inspected it allows them to reach perfection.  Trimmed trees grow much stronger, taller, healthier, safer and just as important, more beautiful.

That’s what we call TREEmendous.


Tree Spraying Kansas City

Tree Care Service KC does tree spraying Kansas City style.  Our trained arborists are experienced in finding pesky bugs and nasty critters.  There are many options when it comes to dealing with Kansas City bug issues.  Allow us to share with you the techniques that work best in your area.   


Tree Removal Cost In Kansas City

The most asked question we hear often is “how much will it cost me to remove a tree”?  That’s the hardest question to answer without seeing the location of the tree.  Many factors play in figuring this price.  

Factors to be considered when pricing a tree removal:

  • Does the tree need completely removed from property
  • The distance from a road or access to the tree
  • Size of tree
  • Winter or summer removal
  • Number of fences or gates that need removed
  • Number of structures and other items close to the tree
  • Electrical wires and underground sprinkler system piping
  • Terrain…and much more

So when I say “I would need to take a closer look at your tree” you now know why.  Feel free to ask us about the factors that go into figuring your quote.


Tree Care Service Area

Obviously, our service area is the entire 

Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas metroplex.  

From Liberty, MO – Lenexa, KS.  

From Platte County Missouri – Miami County Kansas.

Whether you live downtown or uptown, city or rural area, small town or big town.

No job too small nor too big.


Summary Of Tree Care In Kansas City

Like I said, there are many companies in this area that do tree work. Some are good and some are not. Only a few can proudly say they provide the best tree care Kansas City has ever seen.  

We’re not conceded, we’re convinced that if you call us next time you need tree trimming services, you’ll be glad you did.

If you have bugs…wait, let me say that again.  If your trees have bugs that are causing an issue, tree spraying may be the answer.  Let us show you other available options to squash your problems.

Need to take a tree out?  We do that.  How much does a tree removal cost in Kansas City?  You’ll have to wait until we can physically inspect it, but it will be a fair price based on factors mentioned above.


If you have a dead, dying, or dangerous tree, then it is important to get the problem resolved by a professional tree service in Kansas City.     Click here to learn more.


Tree Care Service KC  (816) 793 – 8381